40 Ounce Red Wine Bottles Are Now A Thing & Our Inner Wino Is Screaming With Pure Joy

Forty Ounce Red Wine
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If it's one thing we know, it's that it's important to treat yourself. And the best way to do that? Through multiple Forty Ounce Red Wine bottles. Yes, you read that right: gone are the days that you have to go through the effort of pouring your favorite reds into a glass every time you need a happy buzz. Now, it's already possible to drink it out of a bottle, sans the tacky brown bag.

Following the success of the Forty Ounce Rosé, sommelier Patrick Cappiello unleashed our soon-to-be latest obsession: the Forty Ounce Red. The new release is made from sustainably-grown Gamay grapes from Northern France and is described as a "light-bodied, lively and dry red wine." The company assures everyone that it won't "knock you out with tannins," so feel free to drink it all day/night long without having to worry about an awful hangover the next day!

“I look at the 40 liter, and it should be easy drinking and fresh,” Cappiello told Food & Wine. “The idea should be that people can consume the bottle and not need a nap after. So that’s what brought us to Gamay.”

These Forty Ounce Reds retail for $16 and are currently available in 25 states. But act fast, as only 4,800 cases of these babies were produced. You just might need to channel your inner Black Friday self to score yourself a bottle, or five. Hurry and get them while you can!

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