Ashley Benson Got Two New Dainty Tattoos

Ashley Benson

Tattoos will never go out of style. They are considered to be a form of self-expression after all. Perhaps the only thing that's ever changing in the world of tattoos are the trends. First, crimson colored inks were all the rage (see Kylie Jenner), then floral tats were seen on basically every Instagram page. Now, chic and dainty designs are having their moment, and resident cool girl Ashley Benson just got two of them!

We first got wind of her Ashley's newest inks when celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy posted the final results on his Instagram page. JonBoy is an expert when it comes to delicate, tiny, tattoos; he previously worked with the likes of Bella Hadid, Sofia Richie, and Hailey Baldwin.

First up, the Pretty Little Liars star showed off her right upper arm, newly emblazoned with the word "Muggsy" in cursive. No one really knows what that word means, but it must be pretty important to Ashley since she got it permanently inked, right? 

The second dainty tattoo that Benzo got was more straightforward; a teeny tiny star placed on her inner wrist. It's a no brainer and seems pretty self-explanatory, but who knows, maybe it has a deeper meaning too!

Ashley is no stranger to tattoos. She has quite a few tats on her wrists; the letter "G", the number "3, and an anchor, among others. And late last year, the Pretty Little Liars cast got matching tattoos to commemorate the end of the show. They got the first initial of each of their characters names on their "shhh" fingers. Iconic!

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