Mark Wahlberg Was Reportedly Paid $1.5M For 'All The Money In The World' Reshoots & Michelle Williams Was Paid Less Than $1000

All The Money In The World still
Scott Free Productions / Imperative Entertainment

If you're already enraged at how Hollywood unfairly treats women, wait 'til you hear this: Mark Wahlberg reportedly made 1,500 times what Michelle Williams did for a series of reshoots for All The Money In The World. Marky Mark was paid $1.5M for reshooting his scenes, while Michelle Williams received an $80/day, totaling less than $1,000. 

How preposterous is that?!

The Ridley Scott Getty kidnapping drama had to jump through all sorts of hoops following the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey, one of the film's main stars. Spacey's role was recast, with Christopher Plummer taking over, and some scenes had to be reshot over the week of Thanksgiving. And to make it all work out, the stars had to take some major pay cuts for the additional 10-day shoot.

From the get go, Michelle Williams offered to reshoot her scenes for free. Speaking to USA Today, the star shared that she'd be more than happy to give up a cozy Thanksgiving holiday and fly to Europe for shooting.

"I said I'd be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me. And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday, whatever they wanted. Because I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort."

Still, she was paid for her work, although it was close to nothing compared to her co-star. 

According to reports, Wahlberg wasn't as enthusiastic about reshooting as Williams, and negotiated a substantial fee — a casual $1.5 million — for his reshoots.

The case has quickly gone viral, and other celebrities were quick to share their disapproval.

While the All The Money team can be applauded for their choice to drop Spacey, this tremendous pay disparity between the cast makes the entire effort feel opportunistic and downright revolting.

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