Storybook Cosmetics is Releasing A Care Bears Collection Soon And We Are Stoked!!

Storybook Cosmetics x Care Bears
@storybookcosmetics on Instagram

A "beary" cute and colorful beauty collection will soon be adding magic into our lives and our makeup bags. Storybook Cosmetics, the indie brand that has brought us literature-inspired beauty items like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory eyeshadow palette, has joined forces with American Greetings Entertainment to launch a Care Bears collection. It's totally going to have us going crazy over the brightly-colored bears all over again!

According to the brand, the Care Bears line will feature pressed pigments, a rainbow highlighter, vibrant lipsticks, and more! If Storybook Cosmetics' previous collections are any indication, we're pretty sure that this new range will not be just gimmicky, but will also be of excellent quality.

"Partnering with Care Bears was an obvious choice for Storybook Cosmetics since our brand is about combining the stories that have left a mark on us with our love of makeup," Missy Maynard, co-founder of Storybook Cosmetics, said in a statement. "The opportunity to transform the incredible color palette of the Care Bears into cosmetics, all while spreading their message of love, has us overjoyed."

The Storybook Cosmetics x Care Bears Collection is slated to be released in 2018, and will presumably be based on the Care Bears' signature colors. Doesn't a bright red Love-a-Lot lipstick sound great? Or perhaps an eyeshadow as sparkly as Funshine bear? 

Let's just hope that the brand will unveil teasers soon to appease our excitement. After all, sharing is caring!

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