This 'Easy A' Character's Name Is Actually A Hilarious Anagram

easy a
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Easy A is that movie you have watched over 100 times and have all the lines memorized in your head. It has easily become a cult classic, one that you'd watch over and over again during ladies night or when you simply have run out of things to binge on Netflix. Easy A is also the film that got Emma Stone her first Golden Globe nomination back in 2011, and featured performances by our favorites, Amanda Bynes and Lisa Kudrow.

The film is a modern take on The Scarlet Letter. It revolves around Olive Penderghast, a clean-cut high school student who pretends to have sex with her unpopular classmates to help them elevate their social status. Predictably, Olive develops a sour reputation among her peers. It all works out in the end, and in Emma Stone fashion, the film is filled with comedic features and unforgettable lines like:

Olive Penderghast has now become an iconic character but did you know that her whole name is an anagram? Let's first start with the easy one. Her first name, Olive, is obviously an anagram for "I love". Her last name, however, is a hundred times more interesting.

If you jumble up the letters of "Penderghast" around, you can get "pretend shag", which is exactly what the premise of the movie is all about! 

You learn something new everyday!

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