This New MAC Liquid Eyeliner Works Like A Pizza Cutter

This New MAC Liquid Eyeliner Works Like A Pizza Cutter
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MAC never fails to leave us in awe with their product releases. This one is particular is, safe to say, groundbreaking. They invented another form of eyeliner, one that's likened to a pizza cutter. By the sound of it, I already want to buy 5, no, 10!

NYC-based makeup artist, Michael Patterson, gave us a sneak peek of this genius product.

Meet the roller-wheel liquid eyeliner. It is exactly what it looks and sounds like. It's the traditional liquid formula we've all come accustomed to, but with a twist. Instead of a pencil/pen, felt or brush tip, this snazzy new product comes with a magic applicator that works in the same way as a pizza cutter. But don't worry, it's not made with sharp metal. Instead, the roller seems to be made of softer material, but sturdy enough that could create razor sharp lines.

As exhibited above, the revolutionary eyeliner looks like it's a breeze to use, It makes for a smooth and precise application, which is good news especially to those who are not exactly talented in the cat eye department. 

Thanks to Michael's product teasers, we now know that the eyeliner will come in three colors: patent black, matte black, and matte brown, perfect for all our eyelining needs.

We still don't know when they will be released, or how much they'll cost. But one thing's for certain, this innovative product will the answer to our shaky hands and eyeliner woes.

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