Can't Think Of A Wedding Hashtag? This Site's Got Your Back!

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We now live in a world where a wedding is a social media affair! On top of the seemingly endless things to prepare for like the wedding theme, venue, giveaways, caterers, etc., couples also have to prepare things like their RSVP website, online registry, and of course, their official wedding hashtag.

A wedding hashtag has now become a necessity. It's an easy way for guests to join in on the conversation. Plus, it's a tool to help everyone see all the photos they've posted from the event.

But coming up with a wedding hashtag has been increasingly difficult these days. Not every couple have names that mesh beautifully, so most have to think of witty puns and rhymes to come up with a unique and memorable one. And it doesn't help that almost every other hashtag out there is taken. 

Good thing there's a hashtag generator now to save the day! And it's easy to use, too!

Hashtag Generator

WeddingMix, a wedding photo and video company, has created this tool to help couples struggling to come up with the perfect wedding hashtag. All you have to do is enter both your names and your wedding date, and pick a style option: classic, fun, or offbeat. Once you click the "Generate Hashtag" button the website will present you a unique hashtag you can use for your wedding. Best of all, the service is free!

Hashtag Generator

But if you already have a hashtag in mind, you can also use their site to check if it has already been used before. You don't want to accidentally be sharing some other couple's hashtag, do you?

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