This Is The Surprising U.S. City That's OBSESSED With Lip Injections

lip injection
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We live in the age of lip kits and lip fillers, and in case you haven't noticed, luscious lips are all the rage right now! Propelled by stars like Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie, more and more people are considering going under the knife needle to achieve a perfect pout. In fact, according to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), lip procedures are the second-fastest growing cosmetic procedure in the United States. Last year alone, more than 27,000 lip procedures were performed, which means there‚Äôs a lip procedure carried out in the U.S. every 20 minutes!

For lip filler rookies, it's easy to assume that Los Angeles is the #1 city for injections. After all, it has earned the reputation for being the haven of the world's top plastic surgeons. But newsflash: it's not. No, really. 

RealSelf, an organization that keeps tabs on the trends in plastic surgery, recently found out that the city that exhibited the highest interest in lip injections is no other than Phoenix, Arizona. Our friends in the desert city were 30 percent more interested in the lippy procedure than the national average, surpassing Los Angeles (29.8%) and San Diego (26.3%).

While the published data doesn't explain why certain cities might be more interested in certain procedures than others, it sure is fascinating to know that Americans have differences in the way they value appearance traits depending on where they live.

Who knew that the folks living in Miami are obsessed with butt implants?! And that New Yorkers are most interested in getting hair loss treatments?

It's also worth noting that the numbers aren't exactly indicative of how many people actually go through which cosmetic procedures. So no, not everyone in Salt Lake City has had their boobs done.

Check out the complete data set here.

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