Waterproof Mascaras to Include in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Waterproof Mascaras
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The mark of a great mascara comes down to one crucial thing: it has to be waterproof. Now that it's summer, it is imperative that your chosen mascara can withstand water, sweat you unfortunately get from the sweltering heat, and maybe the occasional drizzle. You wouldn't want to pair your hot swimsuit with raccoon eyes, would you? So before you head to the beach, make sure your choice of mascara is tear and smear repellant. Listed below are mascaras that deserve a rightful spot in your beach bag.

1. Covergirl Professional Remarkable Washable Waterproof Mascara

You can snag this one at Ulta, $5.99

As far as mascaras go, Covergirl is usually a front-runner. They hit it out of the park with the Professional Remarkable Washable Waterpoof Mascara. Whew, that was a mouthful! This thing has a smudge-proof formula and has the ability to resist swipes and smears. It's suitable for contact wearers as well. The best thing about it? It's not a pain in the ass to remove unlike other mascaras! You do not need a harsh makeup remover. Soap and water can do the trick.

2. Catrice Better Than False Lashes Waterproof Mascara

This can be picked up at Ulta, $7.99

Ah, who doesn't love cruelty-free makeup? This mascara is a triple threat. It offers dramatic volume, sensational length and extreme curl. It lives up to its name; it really is better than false lashes! 

3. Bobbi Brown No Smudge Mascara

You can pick it up at Nordstrom, $28.00

I don't want no smudge, a smudge is from a mascara that can't get no love from me. Ha! This guy right here is described as a raincoat for your lashes since it defines, curls and lengthens without the threat of smudging, clumping or flaking. What more could you ask for, really?

4. Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

This is available at Sephora, $16.50

Go from the beach to the club without worrying about a beauty mishap with the long-staying power of this Clinique gem. It can survive rain, sweat, humidity and even tears. The unique wand can reach and lengthen even the tiniest lashes. You'll never want to live without it!

5. Maybelline Lash Discovery Mini Brush Waterproof Mascara

You can grab this one at Ulta, $7.99

Maybelline is another brand that's taken very seriously in the mascara game. This one right here may be small, but it is absolutely incredible. Its lengthening formula paired with a unique lash-catching mini brush makes up for dashing eyelashes. Nevermind that it's tiny, it can deliver length and definition. Oh, and its hypoallergenic too.

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