Here's Why Your Beauty Blender Is Bleeding Pink Dye

Here's Why Your Beauty Blender Is Bleeding Pink Dye
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There are only a few products in the world that is worthy of its hype, and the Beautyblender is one of them. The revolutionary makeup sponge spawned a few other dupes and imitations, but none of them amounted to the wonder that is the Beautyblender. It had such a huge impact in the makeup world, so it's no surprise that even after 15 years after its inception, it still has a huge cult following.

Cult favorite brands like the Beautyblender are bound to constantly attract new fans, and understandably so, these new fans are skeptical about it, especially when they find out that the $20 beauty sponge leaks pink dye.

Reddit user callmekohai posted a query on Makeup Addiction regarding the issue. "About a week ago I bought an original beauty blender for the first time, after having used the real techniques beauty blender for several months and deciding to treat myself. However, the very first time I washed it, before I had ever used it, it leaked a ridiculous amount of pink dye," they wrote. "This was obviously very horrifying to me. Are use the beauty blender brand soap to wash it so I don't think anything I could I would have made it break down like this, and I'm honestly really freaked out and refused to use it. Is this normal?"

Okay, so here's the thing: Beautyblenders, especially the pink ones, bleed color the first few washes. It's normal and there's absolutely nothing to worry about. It even says so in the product description.

The dye that the company uses are completely safe and water-soluble. It does not harm your skin, nor the environment, and it will not ruin your sponge. The 'bleeding' also stops after a few washes. And besides, it doesn't stain clothing, so really, it's NBD.

If you really really want to be on the safe side, you can either switch to the other color variants (black, white or nude) or you can wash your Beautyblender a couple times (usually 2-3) and rid of the excess dye before skin contact. 

Now go forth and apply foundation in peace.

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