Justin Bieber Forgot The Lyrics To 'Despacito' And Sang Gibberish Instead

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber sure knows his way around making hits and breaking records. Did you know that at the ripe age of 23, he has already landed not one, not two, but EIGHT Guinness World Records?! His impressive set of titles includes having the most streamed album on Spotify, having the most viewed YouTube music channel, and being the first act to occupy all top three positions simultaneously on the UK singles chart. Way to go, Biebs!

And for further proof that JB is the world's biggest pop star at the moment, he recently became the first act in history to ever top the charts in back-to-back weeks ! He reached number one with "I'm The One", a collaboration with DJ Khaled, Lil' Wayne, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper. The following week, Bieber reached the top spot again with the LSS-inducing Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee remix, "Despacito", which is arguably the biggest song in the world right now. In fact, it's probably currently stuck in your head. 

"Despacito" is actually a surprising release from the 23-year-old star. Who knew that the Biebs could speak Spanish?! He's a global superstar, a part-time underwear model, and apparently, he's also bilingual. What on earth could he NOT do?!

But it turns out that Justin fooled us all with his Spanish-speaking skills. He may have learned Spanish for the song, but he really doesn't know the language. During a live performance of the bilingual banger at 1OAK NYC, Justin messed up mid-way. In place of the Spanish verse, he sang gibberish like "blah blah blah" instead.  “I don’t know the words,” the Biebs told the audience.

You have to admit, it's not the Biebs' finest hour.

Since it's 2017, everything was caught on video. Here's another clip of Justin mocking the Spanish verse, ad-libbing lines like “I don’t know the words so I say ‘Dorito'” :

To be fair, Luis Fonsi gave props to Bieber for insisting on singing in Spanish. "Let me give all the credit to Mr. Justin Bieber because it was his idea to do the chorus in Spanish. We had a full English lyrics already written out for him, and he said, 'Ahh ah. No. I'm doing this the real way. I'm doing this in Spanish.' He did it on point, so hats off to the Biebs," he said.

In this case, it was definitely not on point. Words of advice to JB: Consider memorizing the words to your song before attempting to perform it live. Remember, you still have a world tour ahead of you.

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