Yes, There's Lipstick You Can Buy for Your Vagina

Yes, There's Lipstick You Can Buy for Your Vagina
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You don't need to go through years of medical school to know that the a woman's vagina is a self-cleaning oven. Anyone who has survived sophomore year high biology have this vital piece of information stored in their brains. Because of this very reason, the use of fancy feminine wash and floral-scented wipes is deemed unnecessary for the female genitalia to stay healthy. All you need to do to care for your vagine, really, is to practice good hygiene and it'll take care of the rest. 

Vaginal care still varies from person to person. Some are low-maintenance and are satisfied with just washing it with gentle soap and warm water. There are those who prefer cleaning up with antiseptic cleansing wipes. And there are women like Emma Watson who uses something like Fur Oil to condition their pubic hair. Hey, whatever floats your boat. There are no judgments here!

Now, feminine care has erred towards the bizarre route, designing a product to keep the labia and vulvar skin hydrated. It's created by a feminine care line, VMagic, and it is called 'Feminine Lips Stick' because according to the brand, "Your other lips get chapped, too!"


They're not wrong about that! There are really times where the skin around the vagina gets dry, and there's barely anything you can do about it. The Feminine Lips Stick is supposed to address this problem with its moisturizing abilities.

The company claims that the product is 100% natural, free of all dyes, fragrances, and any other harmful chemicals that may mess up the vag's natural pH level. It is made of only pure and organic ingredients such as olive oil, avocado oil, beeswax, and honey.

Even with the claims of using only natural ingredients, there is still the question of safety. Most of the reviews about the product are good ones, with some even saying that it's the perfect solution to post-wax and shave irritation. 

But it won't hurt to just use this sparingly, because you never know, it might just be yeast infection waiting to happen!

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